Let's keep Carpinteria

Please help me get Carpinteria back on track and save our city.

Al Listens

The initiative measure that currently is dividing our community didn’t have to happen!

If the Council majority had listened to the community, like Al did, we could have had a simple, advisory, up-or-down vote on the hotel instead of this complicated and costly process.

Keep Al on our City Council. He listens to the community and will continue as always to act in our best interests.



For City Council, we are supporting Al Clark. Join us!

Carpinteria Valley Association

Democratic Party of Santa Barbara County

Santa Barbara Women’s Political Committee
Democratic Women of Santa Barbara County

Salud Carbajal – U.S. Congressman

Gail Marshall – Former 3rd District Supervisor

Donna Jordan – Former Mayor of Carpinteria

Mike Ledbetter – Former Mayor of Carpinteria

Fred Shaw – Former Mayor of Carpinteria

Dick Weinberg – Former Mayor of Carpinteria

Ted Rhodes – Community Organizer

Mike Wondolowski – Environmental Advocate

David & Susan Allen

John & Annie Annable

John & Mary Anderson

Susan Anderson

Jane Benefield

Vera & Don Benson

Miguel Bernal

Pam & Tom Bollinger

Julia & Daniel Bowen

Terry Brennan

Devra Brewer

Gary & Geri-Ann Campopiano

Joseph & Caroline Campopiano

Jim & Valerie Campos

Dan & Roxanne Coke

Michael Cordero &

Charisse Mastiz-Cordero

Stan & Wendy Cowan

Melissa Doyle

Jim & Barbara Finch

Stan & Ellen Froyd

Paul & Linda Ekstrom

Leslie Gascoigne &

George Johnson

Lisa Guravitz

Ben & Carolyn Haines

Charis Haines

Alison Hansen

Louise Hansen &

Jim Reginato

Ranell Hansen

Duffy Hecht

Patty Hendricks

Kathy Henry

Bill Hepp

Rick Herzog &

Marla Mercer

Liz Holbrook

Jack Hurley

Zoe & Gib Iverson

Ahmed Jahadhmay

Alison Johnson

Bob Jordan

Sharon & George Kaklamanos

Sara & Bryce Killan

Carla Kroman

Caroline Kuizenga

Diane & Michael Ledbetter

Carol Ledig

David & Julie Ledig

Robert Lehman &

Anne Fraser

Charles LoBue

C. K. Lord

Cuyler Lusk

Jason & Nancy Lusk

Susan Mailheau &

Randy Moon

Rosa Markolf

Rocky Marshall

Nancy Masse

Elias Matisz-Cordero

Jenifer McCurry

Miryam Moctezuma

Dave & Louise Moore

Dave Morris

James Muller

Wendy A. Munster

Debbie Murphy

Becky & Doug Norton

Nola Nicklin

Peggy Oki

Tara O’Reilly

Amy & Al Orozco

Jim & Dianne Paradis

Joni Pascal

Lisa Patsch

Rudy & Pam Perez

Rico & Debbie Petrini

Teda Pilcher &

Michael Siprino

Alex & Anita Pulido

Lorraine Pulido

Charles & Martha Restivo

Paul Riley

Peter & Kay Robinson

Tim & Talli Robinson

Karin Rodriguez

Melissa Rodriguez &

Martin Fowler

Glenn Rudnick

Russell Ruiz

Amrita Salm

Marty Selfridge

Joe & Sue Skendarian

Annie Sly

Brad & Barbara Smith

Jerry & Ann Smith

Susee Smith-Youngs

Betty Songer

Monica Solorzano

Ron W. Solorzano &

Annette Bosssi-Solorzano

Toni Stuart

Keith & Carol Stein

Tom Sullivan

Victoria Swanson

Jeannie Sykes

Jim & Tanya Taylor

Arturo Tello

Dynise Thompson

Graeme & Kerry Tuck

Giti White

Susan Williams

Diane Wondoloski

Richard Wycoff

Linda Zimmerman

Livia Zirkel &

Dana Crampton

What people are saying

We need to keep Al Clark on City Council. He has proven he can stand up to big business and development pressures and has consistently fought for our interests.
Donna Jordan
Former Mayor & Council Member
Al Clark brings integrity and commitment to Carpinteria city government. Al’s experience and record show his is the right voice for District 5, which is why I am proud to endorse Al Clark for Carpinteria City Council.
Salud Carbajal
U.S. Congressman 24th District
Al Clark has been a strong voice for sensible growth in Carpinteria. We are 100% behind electing Al Clark for the 5th District.
Gary and Geri-Ann Campopiano

Al Clark


Since first being elected to the City Council in 2006 I have:
  • Worked to keep development off the Bluffs, securing it as a community asset
  • Said “No” to excessive hotel development (I have serious concerns about the Surfliner)
  • Led the fight to keep plastic bags out of the environment, making Carpinteria the first city in Santa Barbara County to do so
  • Met the challenge of oil drilling in Carpinteria (i.e. Pardon/Measure J), averting critical environmental impacts
  • Initiated a Big Box Store ordinance to protect our small local businesses
  • Protected our affordable housing stock with the Short-Term Rental ordinance
  • Promoted programs and funding for Youths and Seniors
  • Conceived and co-authored Measure X, later helping secure its passage to help save our library, pave our streets, and stabilize City finances

Running for re-election in the new 5th District, I find that the small beach town we all love and that you have helped me to protect is at another critical crossroads. Will Carpinteria remain “the last great beach town in Southern California” or will that soon be lost?


There are challenges ahead that I am ready to meet:
  • Addressing housing needs without having to overbuild our downtown or encroach on farmland, keeping our small town small.
  • Dealing with the future of the Chevron property.
  • Planning for sea level rise.
  • Standing ever strong for women’s rights & racial equity and against threats to our very democracy.

I urgently need your help this November to reset our course on the City Council and get Carpinteria back on track.